Sunday, June 28, 2009

iPods in Education

Technology is increasingly being incorporated into the classroom settings. A new trend is the use of the ipod for educational purposes. It can be used to record podcasts, download educational media files, and in a number of other ways. Duke University is one school that has tested the effectiveness of the use of the ipod for educational purposes.

At Duke, school officials decided to do an experiment in which they gave all incoming freshman an ipod. The students were instructed to see how they could use the ipods to enhance their academic and social experiences. As a result, Duke now has several classes in which the teachers have planned for the use of the ipod in the curriculum material.

Clearly, the ipod can be effectively used in the classroom. If you would like to learn more about the utilization of the ipod in education, please visit the following link: Click Here to go to the website.

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  1. And now a school in Japan is going to give all of its students a cellphone!