Friday, June 12, 2009

Mr. McClung's Post

Mr. McClung was new and inexperienced when he began as a teacher. He reports that he has learned much in his first year. The first thing is that one needs to make their students the center of attention. The needs of the students should be the driving force behind what you do in your lesson. The next observation he made is the fact that lessons do not always go as planned, and one should expect the unexpected and simply do their best.

Another important aspect of the teaching field that Mr. McClung brings up is the working relationships we encounter. His experience has taught him that communication is vital to not only resolving issues, but developing positive relationships as well.

He also asserts that we sometimes expect too much from our students, and that this is something of which we should be wary. Other lessons he has learned includes "don't be afraid of technology", "listen to your students", and finally, and possibly most important, "never stop learning".

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  1. Mr. McClung reflects on his practice as a professional teacher. All of us should do that. I hope your Professional Blog will assist you in becoming a "Reflective Practitioner."