Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spring Podcasts

Dr. Strange's EDM310 spring '09 class gives us some good examples of podcasts. The two that I read were titled "ACCESS Distance Learning: A Work in Progress", and "Burpback Education: A Discussion with Dr. John Strange". The "ACCESS" podcast consisted of three class members, while "Burpback Education" included class members as well as Dr. Strange. One was a discussion style forum, while the other was in interview form.

Both were done well, but I might have done a few things differently. For example, in the "ACCESS" podcast, the students were clearly reading much of what they were saying. It might have been better had they been able to use their own words, giving credit where due, of course. A little further on in the podcast they seemed to accomplish this a little more. Also, while advantages to the program were pointed out, no possible disadvantages were verbalized. I think that it's important to explore both sides of an issue.

The second podcast that I heard was called "Burpback Education: A Discussion with Dr. Strange". It might have more appropriately been called "An Interview with Dr. Strange". I found very little discussion going on. It was very good information, but I would have like to had more response (on the students' parts) to Dr. Strange's answers to the interview questions. Also, the topic of "project-based learning" was explored. I think that the phrase "project-based learning" should have been defined before the interview began.

Overall, I think that the students did a very good job on their podcasts. I hope that ours goes just as well.

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  1. I agree entirely with both of the points you make. Reading doesnt maintain the listeners interest and the students didn't interact enough with me. We'll see if we can practice tonight to better next week!