Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have never listened to a podcast before today. I have to say that I thought that it was rather like listening to talk radio, only with specialized topics. I did not know that podcasts could include video broadcasts. I liked the fact that video is an option (I am a very visual person).

When I looked up my podcasts, I used two from our list, and I used four that I found on my own. The podcasts included the following: SmartBoard Lessons, KidCast, The Art of Storytelling with Children, Ecogeeks: Untamed Science Video Podcast, Teachers Teaching Teachers, and, finally, Autism Podcast.

Many of the podcasts that I listened to involved increasing one's knowledge of technology via information presented on that podcast. Two in particular stood out in this area. KidCast dealt with informing the listeners about effective use of podcasts and how students can benefit from them, and how teachers can best utilize them in their classes. Teachers Teaching Teachers is a technology based podcast on which educators share their knowledge of current technology and how it can benefit the classroom.

Other podcasts were less technology oriented, and dealt more with increasing knowledge for both students and teachers. The Art of Storytelling with Children is a good tool for teachers to become better equipped to engage their students during story time. Ecogeeks is a wonderful science podcast with video feeds and shorter podcasts, and would be a wonderful learning tool for students.

Podcasts are yet one more way that technology can enhance the teaching experience for teachers, and the learning experience for students.

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  1. And in Week 5 you will be doing a podcast of your own (well, with 2 others of us)!