Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mr. Lamshed's Blog - "Being Inspired Part 1"

Mr. Lamshed has grown as a teacher, and it is through his use of the internet that he has been able to do so. He says that through blogging, he has been able to access tools to aid him in teaching, and, more importantly, he has been able to learn much from the teachers and students that he collaborates with via the blogs.

He gives credit to some specific teachers, Myles Webb, Bill Chamberlain, and Joe McClung. He includes links to each educators' class blog. These classes, through their blogs, have been able to share information, and not only that, but classes across the world from each other have actually been able to participate in at least one project together, sharing reflections on the book together. Mr. Lamshed has clearly been inspired, and I hope that my new utilization of blogging will yield the same results.


  1. Blogs can be VEETY useful, as I hope you are finding out. Did you watch the speech of Sir. Ken Robinson? If not, be sure to watch it. It is VERY important.

  2. Thanks for your comments! It's very odd being 'studied'. It's great that you are looking at these important tools before you hit the classroom. Good luck with your studies.

    Jarrod Lamshed