Sunday, June 21, 2009

Student Podcast Links

Students these days are technologically sophisticated. If we are to be effective teachers, we need to be able to utilize this technology in the classrooms.

Please watch the following podcasts, which were created by 6th grade students, and then answer the questions in this blog that follow the links. The links are as follows: Click Here to go to the Chameleon podcast.

and Click Here to go to the Lions podcast.

Now, ask yourselves these questions: "1. Are you prepared to teach these students? 2. What do you need to do to be able to be an effective teacher in classes where students are already doing videocasts? 3. Any reaction to what is happening? podcasts? international links? 6th grade students? your preparation to teach in this new world where new communication tools seem to emerge daily?" (Please note that the questions in quotation marks were proposed by Dr. John Strange, and, as I have directly quoted him, I give the credit to him for the questions.)

These questions must be addressed and answered if we are to become effective teachers in this technological age.

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  1. ? This was my post in which I made this new assignment. Don't understand why you repeated the assignment here rather than commenting on the kid's podcasts.