Saturday, July 4, 2009

iTunes U

There is a wonderful resource on iTunes for educators. It is called iTunes U. This site, located in the iTunes store, makes learning educational material possible anytime or anyplace. Anyone can use it, and it is a great tool for teachers to utilize.

The site enables teachers to create lessons and make them available on iTunes. They have the option of making them available only to the students on their campus, or making them available for public viewing in iTunes U. Students will be able to access the lectures and lessons on their ipod or iphone, making studying at anytime possible.

In addition to this, there are numerous podcasts available through iTunes U. The information comes from universities, K-12 programs, public broadcasting, and virtually any organization that wishes to broadcast educational media. This makes iTunes U not only educational for students, but for teachers as well, and enables educators to make a bigger impact on students. For information on iTunes U, you can visit this website: Click here for information.

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  1. Will iTunesU threaten colleges and universities - or assist them to survive?