Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Edible Schoolyard" and "Global Village"

There are two very interesting podcasts in iTune U. called "The Edible Schoolyard" and "The Global Village". Both are about cutting edge educational programs that are being used to give students a perspective that otherwise they would likely not have.

"The Edible Schoolyard" showcases a class in which middle school students learn science, math, and home skills in a garden and kitchen setting. Working in the garden gives the teachers multiple opportunities for teachable moments, while giving the students hands-on practical scientific applications. Home skills are learned when the students take their home grown food into the kitchen for cooking lessons.

Heifer International has a program for students called "The Global Village". Students, along with their teachers, experience a night of poverty stricken life in a "village". They must learn to work together to meet needs, they learn about those in need, and they learn about community.

Both of these podcasts are great for providing information about cutting edge educational programs. They may serve to give inspiration to teachers about topics to explore with students. There may even be the possibility that teachers and students could participate in the programs.

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  1. These two videos are just the tip of the iceberg!