Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer 2009 Podcasts

In our summer 2009 class we were seperated into two groups and given topics for our class podcasts. Megan and I were in one group, Kitty and Nicole in the other. Megan and I spoke with Dr. Strange regarding the topic Listener/Watchers versus Reader/Writers. Kitty and Nicole spoke with him about the possibility of education and school being conducted solely through the use of technology, and no other media. Both podcasts went very well, and there are only a few improvements that I would suggest.

I will start with the podcast by Megan and myself. Overall, I felt like it went well. However, I think that, had we alternated asking questions, the podcast would have sounded smoother, creating more variety (in the sense of audio). I thought that we also needed more discussion and comment. We spent too much time asking questions and not enough time commenting. Finally, I would like to have known ahead of time that it was going to be video-recorded. I would have made myself more presentable, as well as being more mindful of my body language.

Kitty and Nicole did an excellent job on their podcast. I felt that they did a good job discussing and commenting. My only suggestion would be that everyone be sure and interject their thoughts during the conversation. I think that it's okay to interrupt the speaker, as long as it is done in a polite, courteous, and relevant manner. Overall, great job, guys!

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  1. Surprise! Video! Tonight we will also do a videocast.

    Your suggestions are very good. Let's see if we can apply them tonight.